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Our Activities

You will never get bored in Bishangari. Bishangari offers a whole range of activities from walking, mountain baking through fishing and hippo spotting.

Take a walk through the indigenous forest up to the waterfall. Take a dip in the cold refreshing waters of waterfall and come back feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Want to be even closer to nature go through the forest on horse back and enjoy the scenery. Tired? Want to relax? Take a massage in the massage hut at the beach. In Bishangari there is something for everyone!

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony every day at 5pm. Taste of Ethiopian Coffee in authentic surroundings.

Horse Riding

You can experience the landscape of Bishangari on horseback. We offer you horseback riding through the ancient and pristine forest with a variety of plant life and trees ranging up to five hundred years old. Grooms are available for non-riders.


Swimming is one of the pleasures of life. Kids love it as much as you will. Our lake is safe to swim in, unlike other lakes in this area.

Hippo Spotting

Hippos hang out is very close- about 10 min away from the edge of the lodge. You can go with the guide or alone


For many the most impressive natural feature of Bishangari is the unique ancient forest. The forest stretches for several kilometers and is cris-crossed by pathways that make exploring easy, although it is best to take one of our knowledgeable guides. Many trees are over five hundred years old and in many cases represent the last surviving example of endemic plant species.

Sights of baboons are common and the noisy chatter you will hear overhead will be Colobus monkeys chasing each other through the treetops.

Mountain Biking

Explore the Bishangari area with a mountain bike through an interesting trail, in the forest. Cyclists who ride in Bishangari know it has all the right ingredients for an exhilarating biking experience.

Bird Watching

Bishangari is the ideal place for bird watching as it is located between the ancient forest and Lake Langano. Out of the many aquatic bird species found on the lake are the great white pelicans, cormorants, darters, storks, kingfishers, Egyptian geese, fish eagles and many more. There are birds seen in abundance by the lake, the ancient forest is also home to starlings, hornbills, weavers, bustards and many more. Around Bishangari not less than 300 bird species have been registered

By request we have experienced guides to accompany you to the forest for bird watching.

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Addis Ababa

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Bishangari Guest Book

A guest book in Bishangri Lodge allows people to share their views and opinions. You can view their comments about Bishangari HERE.

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