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Birds & Wildlife

In the Bishangari compound, after years of operation numerous animals found safe environment to strive. Apart from baboons and other monkeys there are warthogs, Dik-diks, and... if wake up early enough you might even get a glimpse of civic cat.

You can find amazing diversity of Birds, here. At different seasons birds you might get a glimpse of in Bishangari are:

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
Abyssinian Nightjar
Abyssinian Roller
Adam’s Stork
African Citril
African Darter
African Firefinch
African Fish Eagle
African Harrier Eagle
African Little Sparrow Hawk
African Rock Martin
African Spoonbill
African Thrush
African White Backed Vulture
African Wood Owl
Alpine Swift
Augur Buzzard

Banded Barbet
Beautiful Sunbird
Black Bellied Bustard
Black Capped Bulbul
Black Crake
Black Cuckoo
Black Duck
Black Flycatcher
Black Headed Forest Oriole
Black Heron
Black Kite
Black Shouldered Kite
Black Winged Lovebird
Black Wood Hoopoe
Black Wood Owl
Black Winged Stilt
Blue Bee Eater
Blue Eared Glossy Starling
Bruce's Green Pigeon
Booted Eagle



Carmine Bee Eater
Cattle Egret
Cinnamon Breasted Bunting
Cliff Chat
Common Sandpiper
Common Snipe
Common Teal
Crested Francolin
Crested Helmet Shrike
Crowned Plover
Cut Throat

Darker Chanting Goshawk
Didric Cuckoo
Double Toothed Barbet

Emerald Cuckoo
Egyptian Goose
Egyptian Vulture
European Cuckoo

Fiscal Shrike

Garden Warbler
Giant Kingfisher
Glossy Ibis
Glossy Starlings
Golden Backed Woodpecker
Golden Oriole
Goliath Heron
Great White Egret
Great White Pelican
Greater Flamingo
Grey Headed Gull
Grey Headed Kingfisher
Grey Heron
Grey Hornbill
Grosbeak Weaver

Hadada Ibis
Harrier Hawk


Hemprich's Hornbill
Herring Gull
Honey Buzzard
Hooded Vulture

Indigo Bird



Knob Billed Duck

Laughing Dove
Lesser Flamingo
Lesser Grebe
Little Bee Eater
Little Egret
Little Grebe
Little Ringed Plover
Little Stint
Little Sparrow Hawk
Little Tern
Long Billed Pipit
Long Tailed Cormorant

Malachite Kingfisher
Marsh Harrier
Mosque Swallow
Mottled Swift
Masked Northern Weaver

Namaqua Dove
Nubian Shrike
Nubian Woodpecker

Orange Bellied Parrot
Olive Pigeon
Olive Thrush
Olive Tree Warbler
Olive Warblel

Pale Flycatcher
Pale Harrier
Paradise Flycatcher
Pied Kingfisher
Pied Wheatear
Pink Backed Pelican
Pin Tailed Whydah
Purple Grenadier
Purple Heron

Red Billed Firefinch
Red Billed Oxpecker
Red Cheeked Cordon Blue
Red Eyed Dove
Red Tailed Pipit
Red Throated Pipit
Red Wing Starling
Reed Warbler
Ring Necked Dove
Ring Plover
Rock Thrush
Ruppells Long Tailed Starling
Ruppells Vulture

Sacred Ibis
Sand Curlew
Sand Martin
Seed Eaters
Senegalese Stone Curlew
Silver Cheeked Hornbill






 Sacred Ibis
Sand Curlew
Sand Martin
Seed Eaters
Senegalese Stone Curlew
Silver Cheeked Hornbill
Singing Cisticla
Speckled Mouse Bird
Speckled Pigeon
Spotted Flycatcher
Spurwing Goose
Spurwing Plover
Stone Chat
Swamp Warbler

Taita Falcon
Tawny Eagle
Tree Pipit
Thick Billed Raven

Variable Sunbird
Vitelline Weaver

Wattled Ibis
West Nile Red Bishop
Whiskered Tern
White Bellied Go Away Bird
White Billed Starling
White Cheeked

White Crowned Shrike
White Collard Pigeon
White Faced Tree Duck
White Headed Vulture
White Necked Cormorant

White Rumped Swift
White Vented Bulbul
White Wagtail
White Winged Black Tern

White Winged Cliff Chat
White Winged Tern
White Winged Windowbird
Wood Ibis

Yellow Bellied Eremomela
Yellow Fronted Parrot
Yellow Billed Egret
Yellow Wagtail



















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